Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something to laugh at

I know I haven't been the best blogger lately, er, I guess I haven't been blogging AT ALL lately, but my littlest man did something so cute I have got to share. Jeff and Theron were taking a nap together in our bed as they so often do. Little Theron thinks he is all grown because he can slide off of the side of the bed all by himself when he wakes up. Jeff usually is prepared for this and has the bedroom door closed and the toilet seat down. However, after he woke up, slid off the bed and wandered into the bathroom he woke his Daddy up by rubbing the toilet brush all over his head. Maybe he was brushing daddy's hair??


Jenny said...

AARRRGGGHH!! That is so hilarious! I'm sure Jeff was mighty pleased.

Jen and Zach said...

That is hilarious! And no we arent moving back to the LC ward. We are only temporarily in our house because we want to fix it up and then put it back on the market. Also, we LOVE our callings in the Alvin ward so we are just going to stay there. We miss everyone though!!!