Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Christmas - Take One

One of the reasons I really love my job is the schedule. I get 4 weeks off between the Fall and Spring semesters and believe me - it is needed!! I started my vacation on Monday with my 35th birthday (YIKES). I have a difficult time believing that I am actually 35. It seems like only yesterday that I graduated from high school. Theron and I met up with some friends and went to lunch and the kids made me tacos for dinner. We even went to the Festival of Lights with some friends for a little while before it rained on our parade, literally. Grand memories were made!!

On Tuesday Theron and I attended a Polar Express party. This was a real treat because I am usually at work when friends get together for play-dates and such with the little ones. Amie did a really cute job with the party including tickets for the train and hot chocolate and the whole nine yards. Theron found a comfy lap to sit on for the movie.

Thanks for this picture, Jenny. Yours looked much better than mine.

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