Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meda Fell In

I worked yesterday so Jeff decided to take Meda and Collin fishing at the lake in Nassau Bay where Cyndi & ED live. It was pretty cold yesterday (50's) especially for us in South Texas. At this particular location, there are a lot of ducks. The kids really enjoy going there to feed them. There is a grassy area leading down to the water that is sloped. Meda decided it would be fun to roll down the hill. She did it several times and Jeff warned her each time that she had better stop doing that because she could end up in the water. Well...being the strong willed little girl that she is, she didn't listen. Jeff heard a big splash followed by a scream and then had to fish Meda out of the lake. When he told me this all I could picture was Meda in the water with ducks swimming around her head!! Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe, just maybe, she'll take heed to Daddy's warnings next time. He had to strip her down and wrap her in his jacket and deliver her to his parent's house so she could get her clothes and herself washed. Good times.

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