Friday, November 30, 2007


I had my routine OB check-up today with my doctor. Since the perinatologist that I see thinks that I am further along then originally thought, today we decided to go with his estimated due date of May 28th. If all goes as it has in the past this baby will be born on May 10th. Meda and Collin were both born at 37 weeks and 3 days, about 2.5 weeks ahead of schedule. The sugar in my urine has been high when I visit the doctor so today I tried and experiment and ate only mixed nuts for breakfast (zero carbs)...BINGO, my urine was clear. It doesn't explain why it always has sugar when I play tricks like that, but it keeps me from getting a finger stick just to see that my blood glucose is normal. Needless to say I was STARVING after my 2 hour wait to have a 10 minute appointment. Everything looks good. I go see Dr. Roe (perinatologist) next Thursday for more blood work and I have another ultrasound on December 13th. He is very concerned that I will have a large baby again and wants to keep a close eye on things.

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