Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mommy/Daughter Date Night

Last night while the boys went fishing Meda and I decided that we needed a girls night out. We settled on going to the movies. We saw a 5:20 showing of Disney's Enchanted which I thought was very cute. The movie started off being antimated and then the cartoon characters popped into real life in NYC!!! It was a very sweet movie. I can't say that Jeff or Collin are sad that they missed it, but Meda and I enjoyed it very much.

When the movie was finished Meda thought it would be nice if we went shopping. She has been really wanting a scarf so we decided to stop by Burlington Coat Factory to find her one. She found a very cute scarf with matching gloves. I know that those of you who live where it is actually cold think we are nuts considering it was 78 degrees outside when we made this purchase. Being cold is all relative and when it gets in the 40's tonight we will be very cold. They are supposed to have some "snow" at the park tonight for the opening weekend of Dickinson's Festival of Lights but I don't much feel like getting out this evening. I think Meda and I will have a girls night in and watch a movie and eat some popcorn!

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