Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Well, the anticipation was almost too much for the kids to handle. I have never been able to get both Meda and Collin in bed so fast (and without ANY resistance). We left Jeff's parent's house last night about 7 pm and the kids were fast asleep by 8 o'clock. Meda even bypassed the opportunity to bake Santa some goodies and decided that Oreos would be sufficient. This is huge because she loves to cook. Jeff and I stayed up doing our obligitory Christmas duties and I must say, at least I went to bed pretty darn excited, too.

The kids came in about 7:15 to wake us up announcing that "Santa came!". We got started on the presents after Mimi and Papa arrived about 15 minutes later. Theron slept through the entire thing. Its amazing how the more children you have, the more laid back you get about things. When Meda was Theron's age Jeff and I had her up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning showering her with gifts. Poor Theron might have gotten 3 gifts (which he didn't open until 3 hours after everyone else opened theirs). Among the loot (which is too much to mention) was all new bedding for Meda's room in none other than Hannah Montana, a new bike for Meda, a Wii, Collin's much desired RipStick, and (believe it or not) a dirtbike for Collin. I think that was just as much for his Daddy as it was for him. No worries though, he has all the protective gear to go with it. Jeff even got him training wheels until he gets good at all the controls. Check out this video...

Is that a hoot or what. I wish I could have stayed with him because he had his hand on the throttle holding on for dear life and it only exacerbated the situation until Jeff had to grab on to the bike and yank Collin's hand off. Here are only a few pictures, I will post more later when I get them from Mimi's camera.

Now we are off to eat Christmas dinner with all the grandparents. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, too!


Jenny said...

wow, i'm SO jealous of the dirt bike. Think Collin will give me a ride? ;)

Marby said...

I'm jealous, too. This is what you call a father living vicariously through his son- not that Collin dpesn't enjoy it, too.

Mandi Baby said...

ho-ly CRAP!! marby!! I can't believe how old your children are getting! It is hard to believe i have been away THAT long! I remember babysitting Meda when she was just a wee tot and I just told the story the other day about you shoving Collin into my hands last minute in RS because you were the chorister and I freaked out because newborn babies scare me...i am always afraid my hands aren't clean enough or that I will cause permanent brain damage to them by dropping them or something horrible like that....and now look at collin!! have such beautiful children!! I will be sure to add you to my list of blogs to read!! it is good to see ya even if it is just on the internet!!

Amanda Carrio