Friday, April 25, 2008

How soon??

I have been feeling extremely well this pregnancy, much better than either time before. I have not suffered any preterm labor symptoms, no bed rest, and not medications like I did with Meda and Collin. Yesterday I have starting feeling A LOT of pelvic pressure, it hurts to walk and I find myself having contractions when I do too much of anything. I go to the doctor this morning and I'm sure she will check me to see if anything has started. I am a little more than 35 weeks so I just need to make it about 2 more to be in the super safe zone. I can't help but think that this little guy is going to be smaller than Meda or Collin. I have not gotten as big and I have carried him very low. I haven't even had a foot in my ribcage or anything!!! We'll see. I'll come back with an update after my appointment.

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