Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where does the time go??

Yesterday was Meda's last day of kindergarten and she is now officially a 1st grader!!! I can't believe how the time flies. The boys and I went to her school for an awards ceremony and her end of the year party. She was recognized for being involved in the AR program (accelerated reader), for being "Most Friendly", and she got a certificate for being promoted to 1st grade.

Meda and her awards

It's official!

I thought this was is a page from Meda's memory book.

Collin enjoyed being a part of the class party. All the kids know his name and since he is as tall as most of the boys, he really feels like he fits in. He even loves to line up with the kids and show Mrs. LeBlanc his best "gator arms" and bubble. He can't wait to be in kindergarten.

Meda and her best friend, Lauryn

Collin playing at recess like a real kindergartener

Meda has never been a graceful eater

Sweet Collie

Today has been a challenge because school is out. Theron had a fussy spell last night and so I have pretty much been up since 3 am. By the time Jeff came home after 6 this morning the baby tired out and fell asleep. I have been really trying to keep them busy so they don't get bored. We went to Jump N Jungle today for a couple of hours before we went to swim team practice. I can't wait to go to bed! :O)

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