Friday, May 16, 2008

Waiting Game

First of all, I wanted to share my swollen feet with everyone. These are officially the only shoes that fit me now. On Tuesday night I had to participate in the graduation ceremony at the college and let me tell you how professional I looked walking in with my regalia and my black flip-flops!! I thought the Provost was going to pass out when he saw my feet. Tried as I may, I couldn't fit these severely swollen feet into anything other than these.

I'm not miserable or anything, but I have always heard that shortly after your energy burst or "nesting" kicks in, you will go into labor. I have officially proved that to be false. I have been nesting for at least 2 weeks and I've managed to run out of projects (suitable for a woman in my condition). Let's see...I've:

  • cleaned out the shed

  • cleaned out the garage

  • cleaned out and reorganized the hall closet

  • cleaned out all of the bathroom cabinets

  • cleaned out my computer desk and shredded a ton of stuff

  • cleaned and organized Meda and Collin's rooms

  • cleaned the kids' playroom and thinned out toys for donation

  • done at least a load of laundry per day even if their is only 3 items in the hamper

  • last night I wiped down walls and doors ( I still have more of that to do)

  • the house is clean, the car is clean...

This waiting game is killing me. I have just about convinced myself to paint the kids' bathroom today. I am tired of the coral that has been lurking in their since we moved in 8 years ago. I'll be back later with an update.

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