Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meda had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday. She was so excited Sunday night that she couldn't sleep. In the morning she woke up easily and was quickly ready for school. All seemed to go well and when I picked her up from school she immediately asked me if her teacher called me. I was a little suspicious so I asked her "was she supposed to call me?" she then replied, "well I just got in a little bit of trouble, but its okay." I tried to pry a little with no luck. Promptly a 4 pm the phone rings and geez...it IS her teacher. She tells me that Meda was being defiant in the hallways. She wouldn't fold her arms and stay in line. Not my Meda :) . After what seemed to be an hour on the phone with Jeff looking on from the couch, I confronted the 5 year old and let her plead her case. She immediately broke into tears and was unable to speak. She was grounded from her TV (which you would of thought I asked her to give up a limb). She fell asleep at 5pm with no dinner (not because it wasn't allowed) and woke up eager to try again. Thankfully she seems to be doing well now. She acts just like her Daddy!

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